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Without bittern flame retardant Bo fine enhances success of research and devel
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Nanjing grand luck can be offerred add pliable but strong, increase, PA66 of flame retardant, heat-resisting, wear-resisting, PA6, PA46, PA6T, PP, PC, PBT, PE, ABS, PPS, PET more than 10 kinds big more than 100 breed; At present the company already was developed high temperature resistant environmental protection does not have bittern flame retardant Bo fine enhances product of series of PA46, PA6T, PA9T, the connector of of all kinds electric equipment that basically is used at high temperature environment to fall, platoon hackle that accepts product of plug-in unit, electron is maternal row, FPC/FFC, all sorts of high temperature resistant component part, electrical outlet, switch, relay establishment receives plug-in unit with all sorts of electrons, brand of a few PA9T is appointed to use use product at certain electron electric equipment, if small-sized card type accepts case of plug-in unit, mobile phone,use tall solder intensity is received plug-in unit and board with board between receive plug-in unit to wait. The fire retardant below condition of the high temperature in overcoming treatment process is easy decompose, malady of the demote below material function. Have outstanding high temperature resistant function, tall stiffness holds property, show good high temperature to fight creep sex at the same time, good adiabatic insulation property reachs superior electric performance. Have the characteristic that fluidity machines high, easily, can do not have flash with the part that obtains 0.1 millimeter partly at Bao Bi to wait, its fire retardant accords with UL94-V0 class, environmental protection asks to accord with the demarcate that ROHS dictates, fluorine, bittern, bromic, iodine is under 500ppm. Its each index already exceeded or be equal to foreign congener product together, already by home batch of numerous and famous manufacturer is used.

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