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Solar energy industry grows flourishingly in the United States
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The development of solar energy technology results from the success of industry of PV of smooth hot season. The polycrystalline silicon production that uses in PV technology creates domain and the field of research and development of next generation film technologies, the United States walks along alive bound front row from beginning to end and lead tide development. 2007, in whole world of scan widely of this one domain, american development is most swift and violent, its PV production grew 74, installed capacity promoted 48.5 achieve 150MW.
Of polycrystalline silicon industry fly
The swift and violent development of PV causes polycrystalline silicon manufacturing industry demand exceeds supply. In fact, solar energy industry had transcended tiny chip manufacturing industry to the demand of polycrystalline silicon 2007. Because material is in short supply, enterprise of a few solar energy can satisfy the requirement of 1/3 client only. To this, polycrystalline silicon produces what manufacturer also confirmed this one issue is active to enlarge scale of production, new plant will begin shipment respectively 2009 at be being mixed later on this year. According to PrometheusInstitutefor
SustainableDevelopmentCambridge, mass. findings report, to the end of 2009, will add 16 polycrystalline silicon newly to produce a business.
Produce to increase can, in the HemlockSemiconductorHemlock in 3 years of in the past, mich. Had invested 1.5 billion dollar. This year in June, the oldest polycrystalline silicon production factory on the world that Hemlock is located in Michigan begins to throw production, predict by 2008, its polycrystalline silicon is produced can will OK break up times achieve 19, 000 tons.
MEMCElectronicMaterials promoted further be located in Texas city the yield of Pasadena factory can, achieved 1.5 times original then, this occupies whole MEMC polycrystalline silicon to produce almost can 2/3.
The emerge in large numbers of filmy technology
The company that has deep technology inside information in great quantities is beginning film of research and development is amorphous product of silicon solar energy. The production equipment a future life that Oerlikon supposed in the factory of Singapore to introduce a large number of new generation produces face plate of filmy silicon solar energy. The company is forecasted its were produced 2009 can can break up fourfold. And AppliedMaterials is making new solar energy face plate manufacture a tool in Germany.
Produce as polycrystalline silicon can constant growth, the state that demands exceeds supply at present can get alleviating, predict 2010 around, the price of solar energy face plate will fall to current 1/3, this will narrow and the difference of respect of price of traditional the sources of energy, enhance industrial competition ability further thereby.
Although each link of solar energy industry got swift and violent development, but foreground not very Anacreontic. Regard solar energy industry as the main impetus of development, federalInvestmentTaxCreditITC will 2008 the bottom expires, and congress has begun to reduce the investment to its. Without development of 8 years and long-term investment, at present major solar energy project will be mirage.
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