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The quality with the product superintends energy-saving material to be strengthe
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Circumstance of energy-saving material quality examines those who bring into the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon content

Construction signs up for reporter Tong Yidi to report Build the problem of a few quality that energy-saving material and product exist in each district in the light of the near future, a few days ago, quality of total bureau of industrial and commercial administration, nation controls housing and ministry of urban and rural construction, country examine quarantine total bureau allots jointly " the announcement that builds energy-saving material and product quality to control government about strengthening " (the following abbreviation " announcement " ) , the requirement ensures build build and have a building already energy-saving the energy-saving material that transforms place to use and product accord with standard requirement, assure project quality. Housing and ministry of urban and rural construction will use project of each district construction the quality circumstance of energy-saving material and product is brought into annual for a time construction domain is energy-saving the assessment content of the job that decrease a platoon, undertake be evaluatinged technically checking.

In nearly one period, each district builds energy-saving material and product different level land is existing problem of a few quality. Some manufacturing companies do not organize production by product standard, enterprises of some sell on commission of building materials market are managed illegally without the product name, name that do not have a factory, without the site of factory (the following abbreviation " 3 without " ) energy-saving material and product, some construction projects are violated compasses buy and service mass builds energy-saving material and product unqualifiedly. These behavior disturb badly, disobeyed a building the manufacturing order with energy-saving material and normal product, current order and use program, the execution that also builds energy-saving standard especially to construction project quality brings serious effect.

To be corrected in time and prevent afore-mentioned problems, " announcement " requirement, various concerned branch should improve knowledge, implement scientific progress concept, fulfil " the State Council about print and distribute energy-saving the announcement that reduces an omnibus work program " spirit, the overall construction that finish is energy-saving working job, sufficient understanding has caught the value that builds energy-saving material and product quality to control government and pressing sex. In the meantime, the production that should organize energy-saving to local building material and product, current, use circumstance has special inspection, seasonable discovery and the product quality problem that correct these link existence, investigate a batch lawfully, exposure a batch. Should check manufacturing company to whether organize production according to energy-saving material and product standard mainly, building materials market has without the sale " 3 without " energy-saving material and product, construction project has without the appearance that purchase and uses unqualified energy-saving material and product.
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