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Chinese LED industry grew general situation 2008
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American market studied a few days ago company Communications Industry Researchers (CIR) forecast, LED estate market will reach 6.8 billion dollar 2008, average and annual grow 20~30, apply the addition of limits as LED, this one data has the tendency that increases ceaselessly. Beforehand appraise arrives 2010, production value of property of LED of whole China market will exceed 150 billion yuan. In LED industry catenary, led chip follows LED chip probably 佔 industry the profit of 70, LED is enclosed probably 10~20, LED application probably 10~20.
In LED industry catenary, because chip follows extension piece denotative piece extremely tall to technical requirement, the needs pair of this respects development with Chinese very at present pressing market, especially high quality extension piece, chip. Chinese market is at present OK the chip that batch produces and denotative an enterprise probably 10 Home 餘, can produce extension among them piece probably 佔 arrives half. As a result of extension piece technical demand is very high, the chip manufacturer with Chinese very much market basically abroad and 臺 bay buys extension piece machine chip next. The chip quality that at present the chip manufacturer of Chinese market produces compares abroad generally far apart, especially brightness, smooth effect these two parameter. Two on one hand, the chip of Chinese market, denotative a crop is very finite, although pass this 9 years, crop has had very big growth, but the 20~30 that also can satisfy home to enclose business demand only. As the rapid growth of LED application, LED encloses a factory more will pressing to the demand of LED chip.
Chinese market LED is enclosed had developed made an appointment with a certain number of year, the difference that abroad follows on the technology is not very big, the LED of Chinese market encloses product output to had reached the world the first. At present the development state of affairs of LED is proportion of 佔 of place of small-power LED gross very big, but profit had before a few years relatively very big reduce, competitive aggravate. High-power develops momentum two this years driving, development rate is quite rapid, technical level rises apparent. 7 years Chinese market LED encloses a product to achieve 82 billion 隻 probably, annual increase rate is 30~40 probably, production value achieves 16.8 billion yuan.
According to 瞭 solution, 2007, chinese market applies product production value to already exceeded 30 billion yuan, already became LED full prize to show the application such as illume of LED of act, solar energy, landscape product world's greatest production and exit country, burgeoning semiconductor illume industry is being formed. Chinese market has formed particular distinguishing feature in illume domain, among them outdoors illume development is the rapiddest, already enterprise of street lamp of about a hundred LED built a few demonstrative road, but Chinese market is in a poor light in large size LCD and car headlamp respect still is shown backward. Show in Chinese Led act act has applied in great quantities. LED car lamp is applied in great quantities, among them the big headlight with technical top demand has new breakthrough likely this year. The LED that applies at LCD is in a poor light also had reached actual application level this year. LED street lamp throws road illume 8 years in great quantities likely, concept of LED common illume will clearer
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