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2008 Olympic Gameses
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2008 of Beijing Olympic Games hold undoubted meeting to make the development of Chinese economy provides energy more, this kind of vigor can make the level has the individual income of Chinese countryman to rise substantially, bring purchasing power thereby rise, this will naturally accelerate the integral development of Chinese electron industry. The cost may be treated because of by a definite date in a few domains exorbitant and cause overproduction, bring a few negative effects, but this kind of influence also is the temporary phenomenon in developing for a long time merely.

NEC electron (China) limited company trustee holds general manager concurrently

I think, special the digital home appliance to counting a center with digital report, the changeover that will greet the market to develop at full speed period. And the mobile phone also will to muti_function change (multimedia is changed) way develops. Additional, good-paying crowd is ceaseless grow in quantity, also meet what stimulative car consumes ability rise.
The domain is reached related digital AV domain, car consuming kind of electron domain is NEC electron (China) the field that develops mainly, the market environment that Olympic Games place brought 2008 to us it is a first-rate market opportunity.
The 3 big pillar that we reach parts of an apparatus of small controller, schism fixed position of digital AV product to be Chinese business all the time. In digital AV respect, we are had reach in Japan Euramerican the EMMA series product that scores a success, we hope to enlarge the portion of machine top box and digital TV market further with this; In small controller domain, we show what abound product line in order to have completely put (All Flash) product is developed consume kind of market; Meanwhile, we still can reach Euramerican market to accumulate rich experience to have outstanding outstanding achievement with ever was in Japan, rank global tertiary car to carry the car that develops China with the product relevant market. And, in domain of product of schism parts of an apparatus, we can be mixed in the mobile phone consumption kind on the foundation, farther aggrandizement car holds the product line that waits with the product.
In digital AV market, we can be a foundation with EMMA solution, design a company with client, home (IDH) and software development company are built strategical the partner concerns, strengthen the close cooperation that builds with them since product program level to concern further. And, we also can be aimed at Chinese market technically, develop a few high-powered but the product with inferior cost.
In car domain, NEC electron reached development group to had established close cooperative relationship with the car manufacturer with famous international in Japan and Euramerican sale, we will be strengthened further henceforth and these Japan that had accumulated rich experience and Euramerican sale reach the connection that develops a group, big client of farther contented international (the whole world of Multinational Account) supports system, farther aggrandizement supports the spot of Chinese big client (On-site Support) system.
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