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Industry of electron of 2008 our country presents the state of growth
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Industry of electron of 2008 our country presents the state of growth, change according to national hair appoint the data that publishs recently makes clear, this year first half of the year, hi-tech industry income grows about two to become compared to the same period, achieve about 3.1 trillion yuan, implementation of Information Industry of electron of the corresponding period increases a value to grow 24.1% to amount to five hundred and thirty-eight billion eight hundred and sixty million yuan compared to the same period, add fast relatively the corresponding period increased 6.5 percent last year; The industry such as special device and instrument adds electronic component, electronic parts, electron fast maintain in 30% above, structural adjustment of product of electronic information industry continues to accelerate, the product proportion such as TV of notebook computer, flat, chip component rises further, notebook computer crop forty-seven million nine hundred and eighty-eight thousand, grow 33.3% compared to the same period, hold personal computer output 70% ; Crop of liquid crystal TV ten million three hundred and six thousand, grow 65.8% compared to the same period, hold color television output 26% ; Chip component crop 149.9 billion, grow 34.1% compared to the same period, 43% what hold electronic component output.
2008 is an Olympic Games year, olympic Games effect and 3G drove the IT this year to consume upsurge, drove upriver electron from this yuan demand of trade of parts of an apparatus produces positive effect, manufacturing industry of electron of analysis of the personage inside course of study and relevant board piece in at present and even will be worth inside a paragraph of period henceforth hopeful expect. According to be being forecasted market of manufacturing industry of world electron information will amount to one thousand nine hundred and five billion five hundred million dollar 2010, among them electronic element market will amount to 280 billion dollar, occupy 14.7% , the whole world piece type yuan crop of parts of an apparatus will from 2005 1.5 trillion, add to 2010 2.5 trillion, year all grow 13% .
World economy growth puts delay this year, and China is most potential electron market, own the property with huge amount group, the outstanding achievement growth of the very much business that cross a state originates the rapid growth in Chinese outstanding achievement, make the enterprise that cross a state quicken the development pace that is in China.
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