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A certain number of strategies of component of our country electron and material
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Passive electron component is a kind of big main electronic information product, it is the foundation of product of information of of all kinds electron. In new-style electron product, integrated circuit and passive component seize all electron yuan of the manufacturing totle drilling cost of parts of an apparatus and component 46.1% with 9.1% , and occupy respectively however in always installing cost 12.7% with 55.1% , the management of certain even chip component and installation cost had exceeded its value. See not hard, passive electron component has been become restrict overall farther to miniaturization, compositive the bottleneck that changes development.

Passive electron component is in our country position of economic society developing

Electronic component and its component manufacturing industry are an electron yuan the main component of industry of parts of an apparatus, also be the industry propping up of electronic Information Industry. Electronic equipment is made by main electronic element commonly, the electronic product such as the computer from inside daily life, TV, PDA, mobile phone, DVD arrives the sophisticated technology of manned spaceflight, advanced weapon, nowhere is not in electronic component. The passive component such as capacitor, resistor, inductor, transformer, filter, antenna is the essential fundamental element in electronic product, all producing main effect in daily life and national strategy. Electronic component and its component belong to the semifinished product of electronic Information Industry, interpose at the electron overall between industry and raw material industry, the speed that its develop, reachs technology level and scale of production, affecting the development of whole electron Information Industry directly not only, and to developing IT, transform traditional industry, raise modern equipment level, progress of stimulative science and technology has important sense.

As electronic information overall the scale that the product makes is changed, its are increasingly intense to the demand of capacity of form a complete set of upriver product, electron yuan the significant position that manufacturing industry of parts of an apparatus regards a foundation as the product is increasingly clear. Current, information Industry of our country electron is in high speed to increase period, on one hand, new generation electron is overall product market dimensions is rapid and outspread, be badly in need of all sorts of electrons yuan product of parts of an apparatus, especially new-style electron yuan parts of an apparatus does it form a complete set; On the other hand, as the electron overall the product develops to direction of digitlization, informatization, electron yuan parts of an apparatus is in the electron is overall the proportion that holds in the product increases increasingly, the electron is overall the product is right electron yuan the depend on sb or sth for existence of parts of an apparatus is spent bigger and bigger also.
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