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Integrated circuit industry 10 great transitions
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Integrated circuitinvention

On September 12, 1958, TI engineer Jackie? Jierbi made the first successfully compositiveCircuit, the Noyes of celestial being child also was inventing integrated circuit at the same time. It is this invention that still puts dispute up to now, brought up annual produce the thousands of market of 100 million.

Integrated circuit industrialization

In July 1959, is Shi Luobai of Cheng of celestial being child labour special? Noyes excogitates silicon of a kind of 2 oxidation diffuse technology and the segregation technology that PN writtens guarantee, make for circuit of large scale integration provided theory and practice basis, make integrated circuit entered “ business to use times ” by ” of “ invention times.

Of COMS technology put forward

1963, f.M.Wanlass of division of Cheng of celestial being child labour and C.T.Sah offer CMOS technology first, the CMOS with low efficient power comsumption replaced traditional TTL circuit. Today, the integrated circuit chip of 95% above is to be based on CMOS craft; Can say to do not have CMOS, after be being done not have the development of whole integrated circuit.

Processor changed the world

1971, successfully development gives Intel company actually the first microprocessor 4004, 2300
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