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The advantage of competition ability of international of Chinese electron Inform
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In recent years, productivity of Chinese electron Information Industry rises ceaselessly, innovation pace is accelerated, international competition ability increases ceaselessly. China already entered big country of world electron industry cavalcade, no matter be industrial level or company level, had particular competitive actual strength.
National height values the progress of electronic Information Industry
Policy environment is the main influencing factor of competition ability of international of electronic Information Industry. From 20 centuries 80 time rise, chinese government values the progress of electronic industry very much, the place is reached in the center of various government gave from policy, capital support energetically, if mix integrated circuit, computer, software,programmed control switching equipment labels the product of new and high technology of preferential development. Since 2000, the country came on stage to urge the policy measure that the industry such as mobile, integrated circuit, software develops early or late, timely adjusted product of electron of partial focal point to export drawback to lead, scroll edits the industrial list that the foreign trader invests to encourage investment with home, came on stage to drive “ of electronic Information Industry to walk along base of Information Industry of electron of country of ” , construction and exit base to wait for policy early or late. Of these policy measure fulfil, improved an industry effectively to develop an environment, aroused each place and the enthusiasm of the enterprise outside churchyard adequately, promoted region industry structural adjustment and poor dissimilation development, make development of electronic Information Industry makes the trade with domestic the the biggest, most active dimensions. During 915 ” of “ , the country values the progress of electronic Information Industry more, the middle finger of seventeen big report of the party goes out, “ should know industrialized, informatization, town to change in the round, commercialize, the ” of new condition new job that internationalization development develops, “ develops modern industry system, advance informatization and industrialized shirt-sleeve ” energetically, “ develops Information Industry ” . Visible, accelerate development of electronic Information Industry, enhance international competition ability, become a thing to close economic society to expand major strategy job of overall situation. In the meantime, stable, economy grows stability of Chinese political situation, society quickly, as the market be opened further and of each law laws and regulations ceaseless and perfect, investment will be as better as management environment, will attract more and more transnational corporation to come to China develop electronic Information Industry.
Home market is huge
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