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Affect the contradiction of competition ability of international of Chinese elec
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Current, developing of Chinese electron Information Industry basically contradicts to still be highlighted, become the obstacle that influence industry grows quickly, restricted the farther promotion of international competition ability.
Structural unbalance and industry coordinate the contradiction of development
Current, contradiction of sex of structure of Chinese electron Information Industry is very outstanding: It is industrial structure contradiction. Core base industry is fragile, knowledge is concentrated model high-end product counts an import, labor is concentrated model in low end the product is superfluous. 2 it is contradiction of foreign trade structure. 2007, 3 endowment the proportion that the enterprise exports the forehead to take all exit specified amount is close 85% , from the point of export trade type, specified number of improvement trade exit is total the proportion that takes all exit specified amount is likewise adjacent 85% . 3 it is area structure contradiction. The electronic Information Industry of 90% above of countrywide distributings in foreland of the eastpart part, center-west region and the northeast and inland electron Information Industry of the area develop to still comparative lag.
What industrial extensive dilate and gain ability drop is contradictory
Since 2000, chinese electron Information Industry basically relies on investment and dilate of exit implementation dimensions, increment share increases investment newly to bring for the most part, and the connotation type that the business improves through the technology and governs innovation implementation, intensive increase part is little little. 2004-2007 year, sales revenue of company of above of dimensions of electronic information industry year all grow 24% , fixed assets of the corresponding period invests year all grow 30.3% , dimensions dilate basically relies on investment drive. What bring from this is industrial dimensions bigger and bigger, and profit margin is lower and lower however. Business profit margin of entire industry of electronic Information Industry by 2000 5.7% drop 3.75% 2007.
What innovation ability loses to promote increasingly in the position in the industry with the standard is contradictory
As knowledge and information the value in economy increases increasingly, and the organic component that IT makes all sorts of products and service gradually, intellectual property and technical innovation domain appear a new feature: Technical standard patent is changed. Intellectual property and technical standard relationship are increasingly close, interweave together with technical innovation. Accordingly, although own intellectual property includes range is wider, but to domain of electronic Information Industry, because many patent was included in the standard, make the principal part of intellectual property consequently. In international competition, also appeared a kind of new trend, it is union of a technical standard and photograph of intellectual property protection, form new technical forestall alliance, the special status of standard of technology of have the aid of, aggrandizement is relevant the protection of intellectual property; Of intellectual property of have the aid of only sexual, achieve pair of certain technology levels in fact forestall, in order to seek increase of the oldest economy.
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