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Our country will make the world 2010 boron of iron of the biggest neodymium prod
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Magnetic material is labor concentrated model industry, outside waiting for country and area minority to produce a few high-grade and magnetic material except Japan, Korea at present, production of global magnetism material is transferred to our country or developing country in succession, our country already became world magnetic material to produce big country. China is at present magnetic material with year all the quantity of produce and sale of 10% is increasing.
Our country magnetically hard material carried the growth rate of more than 10% for years, especially as the development of neodymium iron boracic permanent magnetism is successful 1985, rare earth permanent magnetism develops gradually in our country make a burgeoning industry, formed mix with Beijing ferry area, peaceful wave area, Shanxi 4 big industry base of Shandong. In the near future, production of world magnetically hard material will continue to increase the move to our country, to 2010 crop of body of our country permanent magnet oxygen will achieve 400 thousand tons, the proportion that takes the whole world exceeds 40% ; Neodymium iron boracic ferrite will achieve 60 thousand tons, occupy the 2/3 of global crop, become the world's largest neodymium iron boracic magnetic body to produce a country. Information source:

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