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Second half of the year of global semiconductor industry nots allow hopeful
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American semiconductor guild (SIA) said recently, global semiconductor sales revenue was 127.5 billion dollar first half of the year 2008, grew 5.4% . Among them sales revenue of semiconductor of whole world of the 2nd quarter is 64.7 billion dollar, than last year the corresponding period grew 8% , prep above this year first quarter the increase rate of 3.8% . SIA says, of price of the sources of energy rise the demand that does not have block up semiconductor. The sale of PC and mobile phone continues to grow strong. About 40% what PC holds chip sale, 20% what the mobile phone holds chip sale. SIA says, rising market is the main factor that prompts global semiconductor sale. Predict 2008, the PC sale of the developing country will amount to 153 million, take the in part of global PC sale. China, India, hamster and latin america are new the influence that population of occurrence many middle class offsetted American economy adds fast slow down far.
Monthly sale is added compared to the same period fast continue to rise
Look from monthly sale, sale of global semiconductor monthly presents ceaseless ascendant trend first half of the year, compared to the same period amplitude also rises ceaselessly, from the 0 growth January, to 8% June, increasing ratio anticipates slightly tall. Deducted the memory chip sale with fatigued and weak price in June, semiconductor chip sales revenue grew 12% compared to the same period. Semiconductor sold 22.16 billion dollar July, grow 7.7% compared to the same period.
And of memory price go low ceaselessly, had made manufacturer of a few second line considers reduction of output in order to reduce a loss. Brilliant of force of Taiwan DRAM bibcock announced the 4th season removes 10-15% of reduction of output a few days ago, its P1 factory will have 1.3-1.95 before the end of the year 10 thousand exit domain of standard type DRAM. And Korea Hynix(Hailishi) express by August, the memory chip plant of circle of this company's new 12 inches of brilliant is already complete, 12 inches of brilliant are round can in order to provide competitive cost cut more chip, the plan begins production since September. Big plant still is produced in enlarge, and small plant has warded off blows feebly. Future may appear partial manufacturer cannot continue the situation of operation.
Produce can utilization rate gets stock suppress is successive 8 quarters are in 90% the following
Produce according to international semiconductor can statistical association is newest the data that publish, 8 years 2 quarters semiconductor is produced can utilization rate 88.8% , under 89.7% first quarter. Among them IC part 89.3% , under 90.5% first quarter; Schism parts of an apparatus 83.9% than first quarter 81.7% rise. IC is produced 8 years first quarter can growing compared to the same period is 15.1% , this also explained with respect to the part why first quarter above quota stock rises substantially. 2 quarters IC is produced can grow 12% compared to the same period, and produce can utilization rate still glides somewhat. With current yield can if utilization rate is downstream demand does not appear to grow significantly in second half of the year, stock will fall very hard. We think second half of the year is produced can the possibility that utilization rate glides is larger.
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