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Semiconductor material market rises an analysis
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As for oriented application with consumer explosive type grows, semiconductor industry got great drive. Semiconductor is made with enclose increasing ground to introduce all sorts of new material, this isSemiconductor materialThe supplier brought a lot of business chance. Association of American semiconductor industry (SIA) forecast global semiconductor industry will grow 4 % 2008, and market of global semiconductor material will rise 9 % , amount to 46.1 billion dollar.

Produce as 300mm can open up and advanced the promotion that encloses a technology, momentum of data market growth is powerful. Was 14 % to the average scale that material defray took chip income 2005 1997, and mixed 2007 mixed for 16 % respectively 2008 20 % . Because 300mm is produced,growth of this kind of scale also is can open up and advanced the promotion that encloses a technology, the average sale price of these material is opposite also taller.

Below enormous cost pressure, semiconductor is made transferring to low cost area, from the point of district, korea, chinese mainland and Taiwan area obtained what come by Japan, Europe and North America move to produce can portion.

Because material makes dosage and chip crop become direct ratio, the data tendency of the market that because this lays a plan,shows can react production trend. In all areas, have the biggest chip to produce can mix tremendous enclose produce can Japan still is the area with the largest wastage of global semiconductor material, data income takes the whole world 22 % . 2004, taiwan exceeded North America to jump house the 2nd. 2006, north America drops to the 5th. Predicting Taiwan is produced in chip can drive with what enclose course of study to grow strong, short-term inside will still hold second position.

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