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American ideal releases 61-796 triode instrument of ground connection resistor
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Company of American ideal industry (IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. , united States of the following abbreviation is ideal) newest the 61-796 that roll out is triode ground connectionResistorInstrument is one kind is used triode what the law measures ground connection resistance is small-sizedInstrument | Appearance. It still can measure ground connection voltage, and won't spark be measuredCircuitProtector of medium leakage of electricity, can undertake 0Ω is adjusted, have test data to maintain a function, agree with broad spot engineer is used. Its face plate is very concise design, facilitating field work. This appearance deserves to have ground connection electrode and test line, haveBatteriesBe not worth a directive. 61-796 is triode the span that resistor of ground connection of instrument of ground connection resistor checks is 20.00/200.0/2000MΩ , precision is 2.0% .

The dimension of 61-796 series is 210mm×210mm×100mm, weight is 1361 grams (contain batteries) , use 8 5 batteries power supply, executive safe level is IEC/EN61010-1, CATIII-200V. The accessory of appearance includes: TL-796 accessory is wrapped, have inside beltCrocodilian clipTest a line with what take reel (5m of gules 33m, yellow 33m, green) ; 2 auxiliary electrode reach operation instruction handbook.

Instrument of ground connection resistor is to examine the commonly used meter that measures ground connection resistance, also be electric safety examination and complete of ground connection project are checked and accept indispensableHardware | Tool. 61-796 has precision tall, the function is all ready, operate handy characteristic, can apply extensively at system of electric power telecommunication, building building, the airport, railroad, oil groove, lightning conductor, the ground connection resistor such as high-pressured iron tower is measured.

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