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Our country develops super capacitor
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According to England " new scientist " magazine story, the grazing land of accept rice level that by accept rice flower and accept Mi Cao constitutes is OK in putting more and more energy store in super capacitor, and the batteries that super capacitor can replace the place in electric car to use.
Because of batteries keep in storage is chemical energy, because this must charge slowly, under photograph comparing, of capacitor keep in storage is electric energy, because this is charging while can fill report very quickly, just n is not too much. But the progress as the technology, in recent years capacitor got very big promotion, the number that the n of the super capacitor reserve that developing at present is general capacitor is thousandfold, because this is OK,drive report begins construction an electric even car. Nevertheless, before be used truly, the capacity of lay aside phone of super capacitor still remains to rise further. And our country scientist had found new way, be expected to let them apply at as soon as possible actual in.
Actually, super capacitor is a kind of simple device, they are in through suspension the tension that electrolyte produces between two medium electrode will charge, namely ion is connecting an electrode directly, anion is connecting another electrode directly. Because the besmear on this electrode has stuff of poriferous ooze water, can absorb ion like sponge, can achieve the goal of energy of keep in storage thereby. Material of this poriferous ooze water uses active carbon commonly. To enhance the power of lay aside electric energy of super capacitor, have to make these carbolic sponge more poriferous. Nowadays, our country chemistry defends the Zhang Hao of the institute (transliteration) the property that took different method to improve super capacitor together with the colleague of Beijing University. They are ionic keep in storage in oxidation manganese, and oxidation manganese still has more spaces to come than active carbon keep in storage is ionic.
However, although oxidation manganese keep in storage is ionic very outstanding, but it has taller resistance, make it realizes the first place very hard to charge thereby, undertake is times doubler charge. Then, researcher plants flower of rice of oxidation manganese accept in the diameter the carbolic accept rice of rice of about 100 accept is in charge of grass to go up, and grass of canal of carbolic accept rice is planted again in tantalum on lame, formed the small structure of essence of life of ” of grass of “ accept rice from this. Zhang Hao expresses, flower of rice of accept of each oxidation manganese has rice of 2 carbon accept to be in charge of grass to be being propped up at least, latter acts an electron super highway, spend power supply to the rice of oxidation manganese accept above. After when rice of oxidation manganese accept the flower fills electrify, it with respect to can adsorptive ion, thereby can well lay aside report.
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