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Resistor of foil of Z of Vishay freeboard precision relies on Gao Ke gender and
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A few days ago, vishay Intertechnology, inc. (code name of NYSE stock market: VSH) announce to roll out foil of Z of new-style freeboard precisionResistor ---VPR221Z. This is new-style parts of an apparatus can offer ±0.05ppm/°C (come at 0°C when temperature interpose between 60°C) reach ±0.2 Ppm/°C (be in when temperature limits - 55°C comes 125°C) (referenced temperature is 25°C) industrial level is absolutely TCR, most when 25°C the rated power of 8W (accord with MIL-PRF-39009 standard, 1.5W) , ±4ppm/W is in free air (typical cost) superior power coefficient (does “ oneself come loose of hot generation? R” ) the tolerance that reachs ±0.01% .

The new-style VPR221Z resistor of Vishay uses the technology of “Z foil ” of Vishay, can reduce resistor component to change to environmental temperature considerably (TCR) and extra power change (the susceptibility of PCR) . Compare with photographs of any other resistor technology, z foil technology can make stability raises an amount level, make design personnel to be able to ensure thereby inSecure resistorHigher definition comes true in application.

Need the function appearance that a few seconds just can achieve stable state to heat up stability inside a few minutes even to compare with other resistor technology, the VPR221Z of Vishay can be offerred answer time of the hot stabilization period of instantaneous and 1 accept second quickly almost (almost immeasurable) , and without ringing. This resistor accords with EEE-INST-002 to choose standard and MIL-PRF-39009 standard, apply to military affairs and aviation application, can handle the special environment state that has minimum to change.

VPR221Z allows to design personnel to merge into all sorts of freeboard nicety norms a parts of an apparatus, achieve more superior performance thereby. The laden life stability that these norms include ±0.005% (50ppm) (work 2000 hours below the circumstance that is 25°C in temperature) , the low voltage coefficient of <0.1 PPM/V, <- the hot electromotive force of the voltaic noise of 42dB and 0.05μV/°C (EMF) . This resistor is used without inductance (<0.08μH) and without capacitance design and 4 Kelvin join, can enhance definition.
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