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First 3D designs the revolutionary whole world of chip industry chip comes out
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Leave us very far still when quanta computer and fiber-optic computer very far when, a kind of brand-new technology may continue technology letting silicon bloom, it is technology of 3D chip design.

At present the chip design on the market basically is planar, planar. And technology of newest chip of 3D stereo design can be solved not only medicinal powder hot issue, and what be apart from because of interior is contractible, in-house join rate is rapidder between chip, achieve taller efficiency thereby. This is the revolution of chip industry!

Probably some chip plant chamber of commerce say the chip of oneself is 3D. But great majority is simple ground folds many chip together next interconnection rises just. Rochester university brings design of chip of true 3D of global head money for us now. This chip moves below 1.4GHz at present.

EbyFriedman of controller of this project group calls this chip Cube, think this will be certain technology moves toward prospective chip industry. Friedman says, if a kind equipment uses IPod this technology, so their processor will be 10 times more contractible bulk, own the 10 times property at nowadays processor however at the same time.

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