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LEM will roll out the DV that is used at measuring isolation voltage to fasten a
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The world's banner electric current and voltage are measuredYuan parts of an apparatusManufacturer LEMElectronAnnounced recently, will roll out the DV series tension that is used at measuring 1200-4200 VRMS isolation voltageSensor. This product uses technology of LEM patent insulation, volume is a lot of minorrer than the other and congener product on current market, over all dimension is 134 X 54.22 X 147.25mm only.

DV seriesVoltage sensorAlready according to standard of international orbit industry (IRIS) undertook developing and throw production. Nowadays, railroad industry (include orbit car and cent station) engineers use new-style sensor to be used at measuring network voltage and train mainInverterDC join. This product applies to the industrial market that high pressure and middling pressure survey likewise.

Result from the low electricity that has 19-23mA is used up, the safe isolation voltage of the big frequency bandwidth of 12kHz and 18.5 KV, the DV voltage sensor of LEM accords with the demand of modern railway system to satisfy the requirement of all and new-style EMC. In addition, main characteristic still includes other have very tall partial discharge to destroy arc voltage, accord with safe level, have high quality with macrobian life, and weight is mixed gently the agile machinery that fits client requirement and electric output.

The development trend of railroad market product is economic space is mixed improve performance. On the other hand, to ensure safety and undertake with exterior electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetism field insulation realizes EMC to protect thereby better, all sorts of newest standards destroy to taller insulation and partial discharge arc grade raised taller and taller requirement.
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