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Lithium Ion Capacitor and market trends
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Although the market prospects for its lithium-ion capacitor small in value-added advantage for a certain appeal, but the slightly high price is impeding the main obstacle to its wider use in the overall market capacity is limited, it is necessary to reduce prices. On the other hand, the competing products - the price of electric double layer capacitors are falling. To achieve double-layer capacitor with a considerable price level, but also take some time. However, all manufacturers are considered, as long as the formal mass production, its price can be flat and double-layer capacitors. In mass production, in order to ensure the stability of the battery quality, material is very important. In this regard, the double-layer capacitor manufacturers have been quite hard work, lithium-ion capacitor is also able to catch up overnight. It seems there is a gap between the two being also. Authorities at home and abroad are expected, LiC the emergence of the market may be in the 2012 to 2013. LiC market, there are eight companies in Japan plan to participate in, expected future production system will be further improved. LiC for automotive manufacturers targeting the slow flame (IdlingStop) requirements. European car manufacturers were also measures the projected demand in 2012 to the year 2013 was shown. However, Yano economic analysis, both LiC or the original double-layer capacitors, the use of features and pricing in the future will be tested.

On the other hand, car manufacturers in the renewable energy storage and instantaneous nature of electricity supply purposes, has high hopes for large-capacity capacitor. In addition, experts also predict that large-capacity capacitors will be used as a vehicle with a large number of resulting electronic support and backup power, and solar power and other natural energy power generating capacity in the equalization equipment. Instantaneous voltage drop compensator, UPS and rail storage and other uses of renewable energy to be expected, but also can be used as emergency power supply and a variety of small portable equipment power. LIC re-use features as well, thus reducing replacement and maintenance of the trouble, may be used in outdoor use renewable energy storage system. LED lighting is currently being developed by the manufacturer, Unit 1, Premlis, composed of solar panels and LED lighting fixtures, and installed Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture trial products. In parts of Kyushu in Japan are also exploring the feasibility of using this lighting. The lighting in the 2008 trial production line, built in 2009 production system, through the establishment of a monthly supply of 20,000 products, systems, mass production in 2010.


Lithium-ion capacitor as the beginning of this century, the advent of a new type of high-power components, although the launch time is not long, but the momentum of rapid development, application field is expanding, the market demand is growing. The development trends in the following areas: 1, lithium-ion capacitor is a double-layer capacitors derivatives, the performance is superior, the formation of the next period will directly compete with the super capacitor replacement, the outlook is infinitely bright.

2, the development of lithium-ion capacitor mainly in Japan, and the formation of a strength of several industry vendors, application market will first start in a foreign country.

3, China's lithium-ion capacitor lags behind the overall R & D, less participation in R & D units, the results of a long way for the industry. And because R & D units less concerned about the low, the first starters are more opportunities. If the domestic enterprises can import the existing results of the mature technology and the industry will get first-mover advantage.

4, the double-layer capacitors present in the country is emerging as a new energy storage device, lithium-ion capacitor in order to replace it in a short period is not realistic.

5, lithium-ion capacitor has widespread applications, particularly in the emerging field of energy, such as wind power, solar lights, electric vehicles, since the lithium-ion capacitor's own environmental characteristics, combined with supporting these industries will be formed of green energy effective whole.

6, according to the development process of super-capacitors, lithium-ion capacitor is expected to industrialization in the international market starting in 2011, the domestic market starts to lag 3-5 years.

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