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New energy automotive industry for the capacitor industry challenges and oppor
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Recently, the State Council executive meeting held to consider and adopt the "State Council on accelerating the development of new industries and development of a strategic decision", energy saving, new generation of information technology, bio-technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, new energy automotive industry will be focused on cultivating the seven accelerating. Meeting identified seven industries will increase the fiscal and financial policy support and strategic development of new industries setting up a special fund. Compared with the traditional industry, seven industry started relatively late, at present, seems untenable in the hot market in the context of the seven industries will undoubtedly become a new excitement, and its sub-fields are expected to benefit hundreds of listed companies, and countries the new energy vehicles are also redoubling its efforts to support policy formulation, currently known as the "energy-saving and new energy vehicle development plan (2010-2020)" is displayed in its draft, the central government will invest over 100 billion yuan development of new energy automotive industry. All walks of life, will give new energy to the eyes of their new opportunities brought by the industry. In the new field of energy and new energy vehicles, for the capacitor industry, not only as a new energy control systems, power management systems, power inverters and DC AC switching systems and other related upstream business is a rare historical opportunity, while , no doubt to the capacitor industry is also essential to bring a rare opportunity for development. Countries are now strongly advocating the use of wind energy, solar energy, which is clean energy. So now more and more companies in the design of solar power, wind power generation power management system when the selection is a major high-voltage, high capacitance capacitors have great demand for our products. Such as wind energy systems, there are three capacitors to the use of this product, the first film capacitors can be selected to do the application of high voltage absorption; There is another DC-LINK, DC-DC conversion process, the role of stored energy from the filter; also when there are interference grid capacitance. New energy and new energy automotive industry's development is undoubtedly a new energy revolution, new industries and industrial revolution marked the climax has come to bring the association industry opportunities and challenges, as the basis for supporting the use of capacitors for electronic components Industry also brought many opportunities for development, especially high pressure, high-capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitors, solid electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, supercapacitors will bring great development opportunity.
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