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Shaanxi combines system of ERP of limited company of capacitor of look electric

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On June 17, 2008, my company tells easy IT limited company to the sea in Shaanxi (the following abbreviation " in the sea knows easy " ) built ERP system undertakes checking and accept, chief inspector Wang Jin learns group finance affairs, Wang Yongbin of company general manager and departmental door leader attended to check and accept the conference.
"The sea knows in easy " the executive circumstance with respect to ERP system and anticipate the effect made a report. ERP is the effective tool that contemporary business information manages, its application will make the financial work of the enterprise is management by business accounting change model, the range that makes manage and deepness get very big patulous, to the production of the enterprise management activity accomplishs the report of real time trends; The comprehensive, conformity that makes information rises to company level from the disperse application of sectional grade applies.
Of ERP system through checking and accept, indicating the company is formal the mode that enters concentration to dominate news, indicating group company is right the essence of the enterprise refines management begin.

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