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Report perfects innovation system to achieve core technology breakthrough ceasel
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In recent years, on the west the technical innovation system of center of technology of electric group company is ceaseless and perfect, already formed the internal research and development that comprises by center of 3 an academy, institutes and cent of 10 businesses research and development system, set station of postdoctoral work flow. In the meantime, the resource that passes pair of 3 industries institutes is integrated, enriched electrician grinds on the west courtyard. Center of technology of national level business is the system that job of innovation of electric group science and technology provided adamancy on the west to prop up. Electric group achieved the breakthrough of a lot of significant core technologies through own innovation on the west, the control that adopts core technique gains competitive advantage. The last few years develops the successful significant core technology that has force relatively, include high-pressured switch, transformer, change the core technology that sheds the product such as capacitor of a powerful person, electric power, lightning arrester, bushing, transformer, insulator or crucial technology. If 550kV is odd breaker of type of canister of fracture surface SF6, 800-1100kVGIS, 800 - breaker of type of canister of SF6 of 1100kV double fracture surface, 126 - 1100kV switch uses hydraulic pressure spring orgnaization, 800 - switch-disconnector of 1100kV high pressure, 800 - 1100kV is single-phase mix from Ou transformer transformer of shunt-wound reactor, 1700kV, 800 - 1100kV, and + 500kV is changed shed transformer, Ping Bo reactor, change shed 500kV of a powerful person, lightning arrester, + - hundreds kinds of technology such as + 800kV insulator, all be the core technology that has major effect, own own intellectual property, the technology is in home advanced or international is banner, banner level.

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