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Improve the health those who sing fitness of noisy the whole people and Olympic
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhu Lianming) to boost activity of fitness of the whole people further, abound duty to be versed in spare culture lives, sing noisy " fitness of the whole people and Olympic Games person of the same trade " thematic, be fond of those who greet Beijing Olympic Games to hold, electric group held contest of match of ping-pong of the 4th worker and ping-pong of cadre of the 2nd leader a few days ago on the west. Opening ceremony of current ping-pong match was versed in in earthy door on July 18 person culture palace is held in the morning. Opening ceremony by the group group vice-chairman of undersecretary of the Ministry of Works in feudal China, labour union, round appoint clerical Sun Qing is chaired. On the west Chen Yuankui of secretary of electric group Party committee, zhang Mingcai of Party committee members of standing committee, Shi Jun, Bai Wuqin attended opening ceremony and closure respectively. Play match of current worker ping-pong and game of leader cadre ping-pong each have 17 delegations, take part in the match team member adds up to more than 200, match cent is team game and individual contest. Phase of team game preliminary contest is adopted in group odd round robin is made, before the group is integral two delegation will enter intermediary heat. What individual contest adopts is odd knockout is made. In the match, cooperation of each delegation solidarity, go all out in work courageously, take part in the match team member people game went a style, game gave a level, showed on the west the mental view with electric good employee. Through intense contend, on the west report is allowed on the west carry off championship of leader cadre organization; On the west report is rectified on the west carry off worker organization championship; Laurel of leader cadre men's singles by report sells department manager Tian Yi how to be picked on the west; Laurel of worker men's singles by Tie Guozhu of cable of light produced by electricity is picked on the west; Report is calculated on the west institute director Zhao Hui, finite Wang Xiaomei leaves on the west cent wins leader cadre women's singles and championship of worker women's singles. (tall winter beautiful / photograph) " on the west electric group " (2008-7-25 the 01st edition)

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