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On the west report allows volume of indent pen contract to achieve the history a
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On the west report allows volume of indent pen contract to achieve the history again on the west most the firm is held on the west in northwest ~ China is medium capacitor of project of straight couplet net (treasure chicken stands) win the bid 86.58 million yuan The birthday that July 1 is a Chinese Communist 87 years old this year, in this special day, in the whole nation aseismatic provide disaster relief when obtaining level sex to win, on the west report holds the supply agreement that sorts station capacitor with carrying off in with one action of national electrified wire netting treasure chicken is changed on the west, contract total prices 86.58 million yuan good news displayed largesse to the birthday of the party. This is from last year capacitor of high-pressured paralell connection produces base since formal put into production, afterwards black river, cloud is wide, on, Home Ling Baoguo wins the bid the 5th times, in the meantime, achieve on the west report allows indent pen contract to measure the history on the west most. Northwest ~ China in 500 kilovolt of ± shed couplet net project continuously, the De Yang that Sichuan electrified wire netting removes south bridge of 10 thousand birthday, the treasure chicken of Shaanxi electrified wire netting comes on the west, it saves Sichuan and Shaanxi saves electrified wire netting of two big communication to connect be well versed in, it is the crucial project that develops resource of big electrified wire netting to optimize configuration function. In be connected in major project 5 yuan, be on the west report is allowed on the west increase technical reformation, promote a product the result of quality, it is the demand that allows an user most get satisfaction first, work meticulously subtly, build the specific redound of user confidence.

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