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AVX company developed the set of tantalum capacitance TAW of fuse, its in-house frit silk can protect what short circuit and place of tall dc leakage of electricity bring to damage. When the frit silk when interior exceeds place definitive electric current, capacitance of TAW series Tantalum will disconnect from inside circuit, enter " invalidation to protect mode " .

The capacitance of Tantalum of TAW frit silk of hard usage has very high capacitance cost, arrive from 10uF 100uF, the current limliting of frit silk is 0.75A, the resistor of frit silk bring up the rear is as high as 10M ohm, have resistance of low equivalent series connection (ESR) (be in when 100kHz 500-700 fine long hair is ohmic) , special agree with the application of high reliability is like aerospace, car electron, server and communication base facilities.

Compare with the device posture that adopts built-in lead fuse normally, series of TAW Tantalum capacitance does not have lead, mix RoHS is compatible. The unit price when 10K is measured rises from $0.65.

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