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Bin Xi Faniya, MALVERN—On August 8, 2008—A few days ago, vishay Intertechnology, inc. (code name of NYSE stock market: VSH) the capacitor of solid Tantalum chip that announces to roll out industry head money to have 63V rated voltage and 22µF electric capacity---Tantamount®Range of products of Hi-Rel COTS T97, medium rating is designed in order to satisfy to reduce a demand in 28V power source for quite a long time inside course of study.
Because lack those who face 28V application to replace a product, before this, design personnel must depend on 50V Tantalum capacitor, this kind of capacitor cannot satisfy 50% rated voltage demote requirement (military affairs and optimal trade practice) . And this, depend on the capacitance of the rated voltage of 63V and 22µF, the parts of an apparatus of this kind of new-style T97 that uses “F” to enclose dimension solved this one long-term problem. In the design of 28V power source that designs personnel to be able to stick the surface capacitor of outfit solid Tantalum to combine them, accord with rating completely to reduce a demand at the same time. Outside removing T97 Hi-Rel set, these rating still include commercial version - 597D series.
The T97 series of Vishay uses dual zincous structure, in order to ensure in congener parts of an apparatus ESR is worth lowest. This series basically faces the application with crucial security, for example the application in military affairs and aviation industry, include electron of weapon and radar system, aviation and the electronic facility that are aimed at dimensional application. These parts of an apparatus offerred the numerous rating that does not have in existing MIL standard to design staff, and reach the flexibility of commercial product convenient gender and the reliability that in slashing applying, want had perfect couple.
Vishay has wrap up terminal for these in all the high reliability that velar capacitor offerred form apply to use 5 kinds to enclose dimension chooses option, the Weibull social estate that includes to accord with MIL-PRF-55365 standard among them and surge electric current test option. Because have the necessary dependability that ensures place of Hi-Rel application function needs and surge to choose option, still can maintain voltage of the largest electric capacity at the same time (the number that measures the energy value that capacitor can store) product, this makes T97 parts of an apparatus is different from common commercial class capacitor, conduce to design personnel choosing to suit the optimal capacitor that they apply.
T97 series belongs to the series of Tantamount Tantalum capacitor of Vishay, scope of its capacitance value uprights at 15µF ~ 1500µF, voltage limits uprights at 4V ~ 63V. This series is had exceed low ESR value, when 25°C, 100 KHz, ESR value scope uprights at 0.015&#
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