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Vishay rolls out appearance of screen of Z of precision of new-style VCS1625Z freeboard to stick resistor of chip of induction of outfit electric current. Is this new can parts of an apparatus offer ±0.05ppm/°C (come at 0°C when temperature interpose between 60°C) or ±0.2 Ppm/°C (come in 55°C when temperature limits 125°C) (is referenced temperature 25°C) is industrial level absolute the TCR, power exceeding eminent that decides power 時 ±5ppm in 額 coefficient (? R" ) the tolerance that reachs ±0.2% . Resistor of induction of typical electric current passes ≥0.5% of stability of life of the load after 1000 hours of working load, VCS1625Z already was improved considerably in this respect, in rated power, temperature 70? C circumstance come off work makes stability of 2000 hours of laden life be ±0.02% .
New-style VCS1625Z resistor uses the technology of "Z foil " of Vishay, can reduce resistor component to change to environmental temperature considerably (TCR) and extra power change (the susceptibility of PCR) . Compare with photographs of any other resistor technology, z foil technology can make stability raises an amount level, design personnel can ensure higher definition comes true when securing resistor application.
This parts of an apparatus of Vishay allows to design personnel to merge into all sorts of freeboard nicety norms a parts of an apparatus, achieve more superior performance thereby. VCS1625Z besides having low TCR, constrictive tolerance and the laden life stability that exceed eminent to be worth, the 額 that still has 0.5W when temperature is 70°C decides power, <- the voltaic noise of 40dB and 0.05μV/°C pyroelectricity situation (EMF) wait for a characteristic. This resistor is used without inductance (<0.08μH) and design without capacitance, and 4 Kelvin join, can enhance definition.
Stable function photograph is heated up to compare in a few seconds or stable state of the implementation inside a few minutes with other resistor technology, the VCS1625Z of Vishay can realize stable state to heat up stability in instantaneous almost---Answer time of 1 accept second quickly (almost immeasurable) , and without ringing. This resistor accords with EEE-INST-002 and MIL-PRF 55342 to choose a level, apply to military affairs and aviation application, can handle those who have minimum to change not common environment state.
VCS1625Z can offer extremely tall electrostatic discharge immunity to interference, be able to bear or endure suffer the electrostatic discharge that exceeds 25kV, realize higher reliability. In 0.3ΩTo 10ΩInside resistance limits, but calibration any values of any tolerance, and won't raise cost or offer money time. This parts of an apparatus uses a tape or fold piece pack, include to have gold to make the terminal, terminal that do not have lead and stannum / the version of plumbic terminal.
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