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TDK appears on the market 1005 thin model capacitor of low ESL laminose pottery
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TDKAppeared on the market 3 thick 0.3mm (the biggest 0.35mm) , more primary than this company product is thin the low ESL of 40 % (inductance of equivalent series connection) capacitor of laminose pottery and porcelain. Enclose area 1.0mm×0.5mm, the static capacitance of the “C0510X6S0G474M” of called “1005 dimension ” is 0.47μF. Primary product of other character and this company is same. This the product makes terminal electrode through will growing a border, reduced ESL. The tentative idea is used at UMPC to wait portable model information terminal, make microprocessor 2 times output the capacitor solving Ou that carries installation. Rated voltage is 4V, temperature character supports X6S. Compare with original photograph, through reducing the thickness of layer of interpose cable system, what realizing whole capacitor is thin model change while, still ensured as equal as primary product compression and long-term reliability. The sample price of C0510X6S0G474M, 1 is 6 yen, already measured at present produce for goods. In addition, still identical over all dimension, electrostatic capacity is the “C0510X6S0G224M” of 0.22μF, over all dimension is 1.6mm×0.8mm×0.3mm, electrostatic capacity is the “C0816X6S0G474M” of 0.47μF. Sample price respect, c0510X6S0G224M is 5 yen, c0816X6S0G474M is 7 yen. Additional, short side a side sets the capacitor of common and laminose pottery and porcelain of terminal electrode, return stock over all dimension to be the “C1005X6S0G474M” of 1.0mm×0.5mm×0.3mm, sample price is 2 yen. Information source:

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