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EPCOS is pushed compact model MKP link capacitor
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Aipukesi rolls out the series of DC join HD that has tall capacitance density now (B3277* ) the space is managing model MKP link capacitor, those who be used at power to amount to 40kW is compact model transducer. The voltage limits with these self-healing applicable capacitor uprights at 450 to 1300VDC, the capacitance that can offer uprights at 1.5 to 110μF. Depend on low the inductance of equivalent series connection of the resistor of equivalent series connection to 3.0mΩ and 10nH, these capacitor have the capacity of moire electric current of 20A below 70 ℃ and 10kHz condition.
Series of DC link HP (B3267* ) design for high power density only, its voltage limits uprights at 450 to 1050VDC, the capacitance that can offer uprights at 0.47 to 60μF. The characteristic of these MKP capacitor is ability of its ripple electric current is as high as 23A.
The design service life of two series is 200, 000 hours, and the job below the condition of 105 ℃ can be as high as in temperature. Aipukesi still can offer 4 down-lead edition, agree with to ask to oscillatory stability taller application. Information source:

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