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NEC east golden development goes the capacitor of electric double deck that supp
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NEC east golden development goes the “ of capacitor of electric double deck that supports solder of 260 ℃ circumfluence super capacitor FC series FCS ” . For example, the electric and characteristic respect of “FCS0H104ZF” , compression is 5.5V, electrostatic capacity is 0.1F, resistor of equivalent series connection most greatly 50Ω , highest use temperature is 85 ℃ . Apply to a car to carry navigator and the memory backup that the car carries acoustics to wait.
Through improving electrode material and interior construction, can realize the circumfluence solder below 260 ℃ high temperature. Accordingly, can use enclose the soldering tin do not have lead with higher temperature. And the highest circumfluence temperature of this company primary product is 235 ℃ . This product is enclosed for the surface model, over all dimension is 10.8mm×10.8mm×5.5mm.
Began a quantity in order to produce per month 700 thousand dimensions to produce in October 2008. The sample price of FCS0H104ZF is 120 yen. Information source:

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