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Vishay rolls out high reliability surface to stick outfit MLCC
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Vishay Intertechnology, inc. Announced a few days ago, surface of its HVArc Guard sticks outfit X7R multilayer capacitor of chip of pottery and porcelain (MLCC) can supply optional polymeric terminal now. This parts of an apparatus suffers to be able to bear or endure only more expensive machine applies and design, aim to reduce the capacitor breakdown with broken and relevant machinery.
Depend on optional polymeric terminal, VJ0805, VJ1206, VJ1210, VJ1808 and VJ1812 HVArc Guard? MLCC can reduce capacitor breakdown, adopt restriction capacitor breakdown is managing guarantee cost, reduce the amount of component of the damage on circuit board or the damage that reduce pair of whole facility further thereby.
This series MLCC that Vishay rolls out today arrives to shed circuit of the converter, voltage multiplier that is used at flyback converter and illume ballast to wait to apply and be optimized continuously for step-down and step up dc only, the lighting system that they will use at control of medical treatment, computer, electric machinery, building, mining and telecommunication application reachs power supply | Manostat.
Parts of an apparatus of VJ HVArc Guard has the distinctive interior of global patent to design a structure, discharge of exterior electric arc can prevent when high pressure. This kind of design can realize higher than MLCC of standard high pressure electric capacity, conduce to measure is used in high-pressured product smaller enclose, thereby dimension of cut parts of an apparatus and reduce component cost.
HVArc Guard surface sticks outfit X7R multilayer capacitor of chip of pottery and porcelain has 100pF the capacitance to 0.27μF, can offer the standard puncture voltage of double, their rated voltage interpose comes at 250 VDC 1000 VDC. These parts of an apparatus need not protect form coating, can replace the via capacitor that takes lead.
Current, have the VJ HVArc Guard of optional polymeric terminal? The surface is stuck install X7R MLCC to already can offer sample, already realized a quantity to produce, the cycle that offer money is 9 weeks about. Information source:

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