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Exhibition of industry of power source of the 7th 2008 China International
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Country: ChinaCity: BeijingSponsor an unit: Power source of chamber of commerce of electron of China of Chinese electron chamber of commerce is professional guild of committee Beijing power sourceConference time: [2008-06-27] comes [2008-06-29]Exhibit meeting address: Center of exhibition of Beijing • China InternationalExhibit house title: Center of China International exhibitionNetwork address: Http:// Forest tree darkPhone: 010 - 52218798Mobile phone: 13718996064Fax: 010—63868388E-mail: Cpsa_expo@sina.comConference content:

Exhibition of industry of power source of the 7th 2008 China International
The corresponding period: Exhibition of technology of system of power source of cell of China International power
The power source industry with annual area of Chinese China north grand meeting of top class international!

Time: —29 day ground nodded on June 27, 2008: Beijing • China International exhibits a center
Approve an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
Directive unit: MII of People's Republic of China
Beijing industry stimulative bureau
Sponsor an unit: Chinese electron chamber of commerce
Committee of major of power source of Chinese electron chamber of commerce
Guild of Beijing power source
Undertake unit: Couplet of Beijing capital trade shows limited company
Abroad assist do: Manufacturers Association of American international power source
Technology of the economy in ◆ Germany Europe communicates stimulative meeting
Trade Association of international of ◆ United States
Assist run an unit: Guild of power source of Hong Kong international
Guild of Chinese electron instrument
Branch of UPS of association of Chinese computer user
Committee of system of power source of CPSSC power cell
Association of Beijing Information Industry
Association of Beijing electron electric equipment
Association of Beijing lighting electric equipment
Support media: Power source of China of website of power source of China of channel of industry of electron of net of Hui Cong of net of power source of whole world of network of portal of Chinese power source reads extensively Polaris of net of Chinese industry electric equipment product of electric power of China of net of batteries of China of application of automation net Ups purchases electric equipment of China of world of power source of electric technology network network of information of net China power source net of person of outstanding ability of power source of network of China International invite public bidding
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