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2008 Germany dust dark exhibition of articles for use of international industry
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Country: OtherCity: Sponsor an unit: Conference time: [2008-10-07] comes [2008-10-10]Exhibit meeting address: Exhibit house title: Network address: Contact: Phone: Mobile phone: Fax: E-mail: Conference content:

2008 Germany dust dark exhibition of articles for use of international industry safety
Extend meeting date: In October 2008 7-10 day
Nod showpiece: Germany
Exhibit house title: Dust dark exhibit a center
The exhibition is periodic: 2 years
Limits of item on display:
Fire prevention of system of central supervisory equipment, entrance guard, mechanical safe system, building, guard against theft calls the police system of system, alarm of fire, special safe vehicle, individual defends equipment of early-warning of appliance, crime, monitoring patrols equipment.
Exposition general situation:
This organizer that exhibit is dust dark exhibition company, it is European public safety kind the biggest also is the exhibition that has force most. Exhibition exhibits an area to be nearly 70 thousand square metre completely on, cent exhibits for 10 houses. Many 1000 enterprise that comes from many 40 countries attended current exhibit meeting, commerce audience exceeds 50000 people, exhibit than previous term or session can grow about 6% . Should exhibit what can have 40% about to exhibit business to postpone business for international. Basically come from country and the area such as Yu Ying country, United States, Italy, Russia, Korea, Taiwan.

Company name: Shenzhen city Wo Erde can exhibit concoctive limited company
Full name: Miss Li
Phone: 86 - 755 - 21920621
Fax: 86 - 755 - 25857785
Mobile telephone: 13725543493
Detailed address: Cabinet of business of name of center of a person of extraordinary powers of deep harbor of the road austral Baoan of area of Shenzhen city collect lake 612 rooms
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