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2008 consumption electron postpones a plan
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2008 consumption electron postpones a plan

The United States pulls Si Wei to add Si Dong season to consume kind of electronic product exhibition (CES)
January 7–10 day
Consume product of recreation of kind of electron product, electric home appliances
Fair of trade of equipment of photograph of American international shadow (PMA)
In January 31-2 month 2 days
Of all kinds according to picture, material of photography equipment and circumjacent product, bad news, strong imprint product of colour enlarge equipment, number, MP3, MP4, telescope

Exposition of communication of international of the 17th India
In March 19-21 day
Electron of domain of periphery of communication product, computer, communication yuan product of electron of sound of image of parts of an apparatus, number, consumption

Russia consumes kind of electron to exhibit (CEM)
Of all kinds consume home appliance of kind of electron product, television, DVD, acoustics, white, small home appliance to wait

Product of electron of Hong Kong spring is exhibited, exposition of international information science and technology
In April 14-17 day
Of all kinds consume kind of electron product, electric home appliances
Berlin consumes kind of electron product to exhibit (IFA 2008)
August 29-9 month 3 days
TV and recreation, number is become resemble and satellite of communication of digital music, personal computer and game, individual, SNC, network and light are pulled, sound box and car media
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