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Breaker of SF6 gas insulation will be replaced
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Breaker of SF6 gas insulation will be replaced Greenhouse effect is the focal problem that current whole world pays close attention to, be in early 1997, in prevent global climate calefacient " Kyoto protocol " in, 6 kinds of gas such as SF6 are labelled greenhouse gas. According to expert research, the greenhouse effect of SF6 gas is 23900 times of CO2 gas, after discharging atmosphere, can put 3200. But, because SF6 is admirable electric destroy arc and insulation property, in in still be used in great quantities in high-pressured power facilities, consequently, development uses insulation of gas of blame SF6 environmental protection one kind completely, double do not increase equipment volume, and a crucial task that the middling pressure switchgear of price economy makes contemporary switchgear produce business place to be faced with. Nevertheless, this one difficult problem already was loved by rare nimble this (Shanghai) electric limited company is broken through above all, middling pressure of series of its initiate N2S aerates ark, use insulation of gas of 100% blame SF6, main specifications achieves those who use SF6 gas insulation completely to be the same as norms contemporary international is advanced product level, it is product of a kind of real green environmental protection. As we have learned, xijieaisi (Shanghai) electric limited company is C of the professional research and development that by Shanghai day clever switchgear plant and German DECOM company joint investment establishs, production middling pressure, the joint ventures of GIS switch ark. According to introducing, n2S CGIS aerates ark is by the Germany that leads switch of world middling pressure design concept 40 years senior expert chairs a design, use the computer with contemporary the most advanced international to control signal of system of technology, power to transmit feeling technology, maximum pressure compound insulation technology, gas is the new technology such as sealed technology, new technology, new material, it is to have high reliability, maintenance-free, miniaturization, intelligence to change, the cabinet of switch of new generation middling pressure that introduces insulation of blame SF6 gas completely characteristicly sex of high environmental protection. The product finishs all type to experiment in home and German IPH, and place of by Beijing switch, on the west company of power of tall place, fierce tall place, Shanghai, Shanghai is electric the institute expert appraisal such as the company, product technology index achieves design requirement completely. N2S switch ark uses module type design, bind through silicon balata generatrix between ark implement realize aleatoric joining together, application is very wide, why to no matter final user is used,plant electric plan, OEM factory is in whole set process, use combination of building blocks type, need to assemble case of good energy of life by right order only, carapace of the ark on reload controls a share with 2, assemble very convenient. OEM collaboration manufacturer does not need to solder in box of product research and development, gas the respect such as establishment of device of equipment, leak hunting, experiment and trial fare invests in great quantities, need to be in charge of offerring electric solution for final user only, provide spot help for the user. Cooperate through OEM, can the requirement that the oldest rate satisfies local user, can shorten greatly again date of delivery, return cost of greatly can economic cost, thereby N2S switch ark has very powerful competition ability in the market.
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