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Biology technology Rangdeli " long " give the sources of energy
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We know, the oil that people place uses today, coal, day lights the traditional the sources of energy such as gas, become by the decay such as arboreous, plant. Arrive by organism fossil the sources of energy this one process, nature used the time of on 100 million, come hundreds years, they are the leading role of human the sources of energy all the time. But these traditional the sources of energy are belonged to mostly cannot second birth the sources of energy, as industrial civilization process accelerate ceaselessly, these resource will are faced with very quickly dried up. In the meantime, traditional the sources of energy is being used and all sorts of pollution still can be brought in manufacturing process, for example the discharges mankind of already serious effect surroundings of greenhouse gas. Our country is a big state that has shortage of 1.3 billion population, energy, press expert estimation, recoverable reserves of the rest of our country coal is 90 billion tons, can be not worth for exploitation hundred years; Recoverable reserves of oil the rest is 2.3 billion tons, can lay mine 14 years only; Recoverable reserves of natural gas the rest is 631 billion stere, can pass 32 years for extracting. Accordingly, intensify developing low pollution " green the sources of energy " already extremely urgent. Raw material the sources of energy says again " green the sources of energy " , it is to point to through the plant (include arboreous, green grass, crop, alga to reach all sorts of organic waste material to wait) photosynthesis, secure solar energy in order to give birth to corporeal form the sources of energy that come down. Their since but second birth the sources of energy, it is " green the sources of energy " . Actually, before industrial civilization times, the sources of energy that the mankind bilks to develop in order to live gives birth to corporeal the sources of energy namely. In early when, the scientist discovered a kind of magical plant in Africa, after the cauline leaf that tears apart them, "Cut " place meeting " blood " dc, and this " blood " in contain many oil part actually. The United States has a kind of sweet pagoda tree, can take out a kind of white from the skin of the tree like cutting balata galactic, this kind galactic need to promote practice slightly only, also can obtain similar petrolic liquid. Return those who one kind can get used to desert and harsh environment to be called the scrape cling to bush plant, 50% ~ are contained in their fructification of 60% oily and galactic, course abstraction can make lubricating oil. Lag behind as a result of the technology nevertheless and cost is more advanced and a lot of the influence of the element, plant products oil is developed by commercialization hard all the time. Current, the main form of raw material the sources of energy has firedamp, biology to make derv of hydrogen, biology and fuel ethanol, fuel alcohol is the raw material energy resources with the at present greatest scale of production on the world. Oil field is changed in raw material, our country enterprise already achieved international on crucial technology top-ranking level, anhui abundant former group, gave fuel alcohol with corn production not only, still make went out to have " the mother of petrifaction " the ethylene that say and annulus oxygen ethane derive article. Current, this enterprise is being used in positive development yam, cassava, Jerusalem artichoke, sugar cane, sweet the crop of blame edible sex such as sorghum, cent pace is carried out annual hundreds tons deep treatment project, ferment in straw especially use (element of hydrolysis woodiness sew) wait for crucial technology respect, already was in international lead position. Was in our country in the past, rice husk is smashed partly coarse fodder, one part sells local masses to make daily life fuel, utilization rate is very low, do not drop because of processing even, cause environmental pollution and safe hidden trouble. Use rice husk to generate electricity nowadays, can machine an enterprise to increase economic benefits for rice already, can solve an environment to pollute a problem again. According to the expert computative, two tons of rice husk are equivalent to the calorific quantity of coal of a ton of standard. "Can plant in land the sources of energy " , let people see the tremendous charm of contemporary biology science and technology really, also open up what our country produce machines an industry is epochal. Current, a lot of countries on the world are in begin plant of the sources of energy to reach its to help advance somebody's career technical research, help advance somebody's career through introduce a fine variety, build base of new the sources of energy, for example " oil arboretum " , " farm of the sources of energy " . England uses land of 80 thousand hectare to develop forest of the sources of energy technically; National capital of phenanthrene ferry guest, peaceful built large area fuel forest. Give birth to corporeal the sources of energy to develop, food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and world bank provided the support of several dollars to the developing country. Qualitative the sources of energy of our country biology is resourceful. In recent years, the scientist discovers the oily Nan of our country Hainan is cultivated, the oil after chopping limb is met namely in a steady stream and piece; In the fruticose fructification that there is a kind to call Ma Feng the tree in river valley of Sichuan gold sanded river, can extract a kind of reproducible " new-style derv " . Current, our country is annual crop straw amounts to many tons 700 million, but translate into 100 million tons alcohol, be equivalent to the petroliferous quantity of 3 Daqing oil field, increase pair of straw kind the supportive strength that wood fibre element uses research, but in 5 ~ the hopeful inside 10 years makes make raw material can main raw material of the industry. Our country has 1.5 billion mus saline land, can cultivate fight saline alkaline plant; Southern region still has many mus 300 million marsh, can cultivate oil-bearing crops, develop biology derv property. The moorland of 50 million hectare of countrywide, if use among them 10% cultivate raw material can plant, not only producible 25 million tons of alcohol, also found new way to increase the farmer income of backward area. (pick from China electric power signs up for)

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